Advanced kENYA sIGN Courses

Advanced Kenya Sign Language

Learn advanced modules on Kenyan Sign Language at Kasarani Sign Language College. Enhance your skills in conversations, storytelling, industry terms, and more

Form Sentences and Types of Sentences

Master different types of sentences in Kenyan Sign Language through interactive exercises and engagement with peers.

Simple Sentences

Learn to create simple sentences and gain practical conversational skills.

Compound Sentences

Combine sentences and convey more complex ideas with confidence and fluency.

Complex Sentences

Master the art of creating rich and detailed sentences that express your thoughts and emotions more eloquently

Explore our World through Storytelling and Scenes

Learn to use sign language to tell stories and describe events in vivid detail, taking your audience on exciting and engaging journeys.

Scene Description

Tell stories about sceneries, wildlife, events and taking your audience on exciting and engaging journeys.


Get hands-on with interactive classes on storytelling in Kenyan Sign Language, and improve your act.

Singing in Kenyan Sign Language

Learn the art of singing songs and music and bring music to life through Kenyan Sign language

Health, Drugs, and Substance Abuse

Learn how to efficiently communicate health issues, drugs, and substance abuse through Kenyan Sign Language in different scenarios like hospitals, clinics, or emergencies.

Symptom Reporting

Learn to report different symptoms and diseases to medical personnel through Kenyan Sign Language with confidence and ease.

Drug and Substance Abuse

Get informed on how to communicate effectively with medical professionals on drug and substance abuse, what to expect, and their side effects, through Kenyan Sign Language.

Emergency Communication

Get the skills on how to communicate in case of an emergency, giving accurate instructions through Kenyan Sign Language.

Environment, Sceneries, Climate, and Disaster

Learn to sign environmental issues, sceneries, climate, and disaster-related words, and also gain knowledge on how to communicate effectively about the effects on nature and humanity

Situation Description

Learn the signs that describe environmental degradation, climate issues, and natural disasters.

Engage Organizations on Climate Issues

Empower yourself to engage organizations on climate and environmental issues through the use ofsign language.

Disaster Management Communication

Be equipped with the skills to communicate effectively on disaster management and help in emergency situations through Kenyan Sign Language.

Office Administration and Technology

Learn to communicate using Kenyan Sign Language in an office environment, and also gain practical skills to handle office administration and technology.

Office Administration

Learn signs for office administration like filing, printing, receiving guests, and handling phone calls through Kenyan Sign Language.


Get hands-on with interactive classes on technology vocabulary in Kenyan Sign Language and improve your skills around the digital landscape.

Conversations and Forming Sentences

Gain confidence in forming sentences and holding conversations related to office administration and technology.

Industry Terms and Forming Sentences

Advance your skills by learning industry-specific terms and using them to create detailed sentences in Kenyan Sign Language.

Business Communication

Get hands-on lessons on how to articulate industry terms for clear communication in meetings and business conferences.

Industry Terms

Learn signs for different industry-specific jargon like finance, education, agriculture, and others in Kenyan Sign Language.

Real-world Scenarios

Practice applying the industry terms in different real-world scenarios like business pitches and job interviews to enhance your confidence using Kenyan Sign Language

Family and Relationships

Opinion Expressions

Get the necessary tools to express your opinions clearly while expressing thoughts and emotions in a precise manner.

Preference Articulation

Articulate your preferences effectively whether it’s in choosing cars, movie genres, and everyday choices through Kenyan Sign Language.

Critical Thinking & Decision Making

Strengthen your ability to think critically and make decisions in different scenarios and express them through Kenyan Sign Language.