Basic Kenya Sign  Language  Modules Offered

Learn the fundamentals of sign language with KasaraniSign Language College. Our Basic sign language modules cover everything from the alphabet to forming sentences and topics like health, sports, and even drug abuse.


Introduction & Deaf Culture

Understanding Culture

Learn about the history and culture of the deaf community.

Signing the Alphabet

Get started in sign language with the basics: fingerspelling and the sign language alphabet.


Learn essential greetings in sign language, such as hello and goodbye, and how to introduce yourself.

Time and Dates

Master signing dates, times, and months.Discover how to sign days, years, and holidays

Nouns & Pronouns


Learn how to sign nouns like people, animals, and things.


Get familiar with pronouns used in sign language and practice signing them fluently.


Express ideas with descriptive adjectives using sign language.

Verbs & Proverbs


Master essential verbs and learn how to sign them in different tenses.


Learn how to express common phrases through sign language proverbs


Practice signing common phrases and useful expressions used during communication, like “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.

Preferences and Opinions


Learn how to sign family members, relations, and family-related vocabulary.


Practice signing vocabulary related to romantic relationships, like “love” and “married.”

Children and Parenting

Discover vocabulary related to parenting, baby- related items, and caring for children with sign language.


Learn how to express friendship with sign language.

Etiquette and Articulation

Manners and Etiquette

Learn polite phrases like “please” and “thank you” to use in different social situations.


Master articulating different expressions and words used in sign language.

Social Situations

Discover new idiomatic expressions used in social situations and how to use them in sign language.

Towns, Cities, and Countries


Master how to sign the names of countries around the world using sign language.

Cities and Towns

Express yourself in sign language by learning to sign cities and towns around the world.


Practice communicating nationalities and people’s origins with sign language.

Human Body and Religion


Practice signing vocabulary related to religion and spirituality.

Human Body

Discover essential vocabulary related to the human body: from internal organs to body parts to medical emergencies

Virtues and Vices

Understand the sign language vocabulary related to virtues and vices. Learn how to communicate them effectively.


Discover how to sign various emotions and feelings in ASL to express thoughts and feelings openly.

Transport & Clothing


Sign words related to transport, including vehicles, transport options, and traffic signals.


Learn how to sign different types of clothing, from shirts to pants to footwear using sign language.

Profession / Occupation

Discover essential vocabulary related to professions and occupations of all kinds, from doctors to teachers to engineers.